The 7 great Bashgathums are listed below, though not all of this is common knowledge:

Wolf: The wolf tribe boasts the greatest weaponry and overall military prowess. Many of their Thraka wield iron weapons and some say that their male leaders exercise nearly as much authority as the Dowmga. They are a wealthy tribe with perhaps the most industrial mindset of all the Bashgathums. Hostile and arrogant, they are the 2nd largest Bashgathum in the world and dominate all of the smaller gathums in their region. More traditional tribes fear that they will eventually become as corrupted as the Hare Bashgathum.

Viper: Probably the most diverse of the Bashgathums, their members by long tradition come from all of the smaller gathums associated with them as well as several other Bashgathums. Great heroes such as Basha from the Bear tribe and Gorfang from the Eagle tribe are just two of their veteran Thraka and are the lovers of the tribe’s Bashdowmga. Many of the other tribes dislike the Vipers because they can no longer trust their Bashdowmga. The Vipers are perhaps 4th largest of the Bashgathums.

Reindeer: The Reindeer are fierce mounted warriors with incredible knowledgeable about Reindeer and Caribou. They have been closely allied with the Viper tribe for generations, perhaps mainly due to the close proximity of their Winter Holmes. Kramak, their newest Zhoonthraka, is charismatic and recently convinced many gathums to ally in an attack on one of the Shtoontee fortresses.

Hare: The Hare tribe lives in huge gatherings and are even constructing something like a primitive Solarian style city. The Hares have ceased following the migrations of the caribou and started planting vegetables and grains in the traditions of the Manoo. The Hare tribe is also referred to in a derogatory way as “Rabbits” and “Bunnies”. This is because the pure numbers of Hares are far in excess of the typical Gathum or even Bashgathum. By some estimates, approximately 40% of all Orks are Hares. Many Dowmgas and Talas consider the Hares hopelessly corrupted by the Manoo and have forbidden all contact with them.

Eagle: Perhaps the oldest of the tribes, the Eagles have always been known to be most honorable. Compared to the expanding influence of the Vipers and Wolves, the Eagles are somewhat on the decline, but they still hold considerable influence within the Ork “nation” as a whole. They control the oldest of the Taldoolee (Taldoolee on the Bay) and the Bears and Foxes generally follow their lead.

Bear: Living the farthest to the north near the tundra treeline during the winter months, the Bears are somewhat isolated from the rest of the Orks and are thus more protected from the machinations of the other tribes overall, especially since their closest neighbors are the Eagles. These Orks are generally very large and often freakishly strong. Their limited hunting and fishing prevents their numbers from growing too large, so they’ve largely been at the same population level for many hands of generations.

Fox: The Fox tribe are often considered the sneakiest Orks, due to their reverence of Pugg. Legend has it that they are capable of many of the magics Pugg was capable of, including invisibility and shapeshifting. According to rumor, some of the ancient magics they were capable of are beginning to emerge again.


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