Ork Culture

There are several key differences that all Orks know about:

A) Orks only have mothers (Dowmga). They do not have any understanding of the concept of father. Babies come from the Goddess’s touch on new Dowmgas. Whether Ork reproduction really works like other races and they simply haven’t figured it out yet, or Orks really do come from some kind of divine touch, or if there is some other explanation is a mystery to the other races. Regardless, this fact plays a central role in Ork faith and culture.

B) Orks know that the world is flat. On the “Otherside”, the Gods and Spirits of their past heroes reside. Some of these past heroes are Gods themselves, like mighty Bashthraka, wise Gowthduka and sneaky Pugg. Long ago, the Gods of the other races became jealous of the Orks prowess on the Otherside and sought to stop them from becoming further reinforced. They contructed a monstrous demigod frog called Gorlam. The beast intercepts the spirits of the fallen Orks and eats them. To prevent this from happening, Orks eat their dead. Orks are also terrified of the dark because Gorlam can lurk in any shadow.

C) Orks do not boast about who they are descended from. Much more important is who they have eaten. Orks gain power from these rituals, and have learned a great deal about Orkish anatomy in the process. Perhaps someday, the final Thraka will have gained enough power to destroy Gorlam and bring Victory in the Otherside.

D) Orks do not boast in general. Orks are humble to avoid getting too much Trouble. Trouble is a metaphysical “currency” very similar to Karma. If an Ork gains more Trouble than he can “carry”, then the burden is spread to his fellows. However, Trouble allows an Ork an opportunity to prove himself and thus gain “Fana”.

E) Orks are nomadic, and carry everything worth having with their own muscles. Every year, Orks travel over 1000 miles each way following the migrating Caribou to the South in the Spring and the North in the Fall. Orks shame those who are too “yellow” to carry their own share. Yellow is a general term for weakness, because Orks that are too weak to survive are literally yellow in color.

Ork Culture

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